Our Product


Finned Tubes

We represent korean manufacturers for the last 10 years and supplying their products,low & high finned tubes
to indian customers in ferrous and non-ferrous materials.major customers are BHEL, L & T etc.

Llyods : DIN


Hollow Copper Conductors

We are offering hollow copper conductors, bus bars, hollow tube, pipe. Representing finnish principal t luvata we have been manufacturing copper hollow conductors for the most demanding applications for over three decades. luvata hollow conductors are used in:
- mri devices
- magnets for high energy physics applications
- particle accelerators
- generators
- induction furnaces
- plasma research devices
- electrodynamic vibration test systems
- ion implantation units for the microcircuit industry
- high gradient separators

CuAg 0.1% : OF-OK copper.
oxygen-free copper OF-OK® : CuAg 0.03%


Oxygen Free Copper Bars

The oxygen-free copper was originally developed specifically for electrical, electronic and heat transfer applications. It is an extremely pure copper alloy, with a maximum oxygen content of 5 ppm (0.0005%) and has a unique combination of high-performance properties.

Electrical and thermal conductivity as a result of its purity, luvata of-ok ® copper has high electrical conductivity (typically 101 - 102% iacs) and high thermal conductivity (390 wkm). The higher conductivity values compared with other materials mean that equipment made of luvata of-ok ® copper operates more efficiently and at lower temperatures, which increases their service life and reliability.

C10400 OFS : C10700 OFS
C10200 OF : C10100 OFS


Silver Bearing Copper

We are offering silver bearing copper: luvata hk silver bearing oxygen-free copper is a high purity copper that is immune against hydrogen embrittlement. It is used in applications where high electrical and thermal conductivity are essential. Small amount of alloyed silver increase the softening temperature of pure copper and the mechanical properties at levated temperature are higher than in pure copper. It can be joined with all welding and brazing methods and it is suitable for manufacturing processes requiring extreme deformability.

Application for : commutators generator, rotor and stator windings applications where creep properties and higher softening temperature than in of-ok â® are needed other applications where high electrical and thermal conductivity are needed.

EN 13600 : EN 13601
EN 13605 : CuAg0,10 (OF) / CW019A


Titanium Tubes

We are representing leading manufacturer of seamless tubes & pipes of titanium and titanium alloy, nickel and nickel alloy since 2008.
Xtmcl has integrated production chain including titanium melting, hollow billet extruding, pilger rolling, vacuum annealing, pickling, destructive testing and various non-destructive testing. We adhere to implement quality to every detail as the production and business operation concept. We strictly arrange production according to iso 9001 international quality management system standard. We also obtained ped 9723ec certified by tuv.
Bases on good performance and strict traceability, our annual production capacity is annual 1000 tons. Size range is as follows:

Size range is as follows:
od : 3.0mm up to 114mm
wt : 0.3mm up to 8.0mm
length : maximum 18 meters.
Spec: astm b388asme sb388, astm b861asme sb861 and din17861.
Material : Titanium
Grade : Grade 2,5,etc
Length : 18000mm
Application : Heat Exchangers,Condensers,
Brand Name : Xuyi
DIN 17861 : ASTM B388
Place of Origin : China


Volute Springs

    We are representing german manufacturer of coil,compression and volute springs for critical applications.our major customers are indian railways,steel plants,mecon ltd,etc.

    ASTM : DIN


Zirconium Copper Rods, Bars, Billets

We are offering zirconium copper rods, bars, billets.
Representing finnish principal :

The excellent conductivity of copper can be maintained while raising the softening temperature dramatically and increasing strength with the small addition of zirconium. zirconium copper can be brazed in a reducing environment without dimension changes or internal porosity and offers immunity to hydrogen embrittlement.
Zirconium copper can be easily welded and is well suited for electron beam welding. Advantages of zirconium copper include:
- Higher softening temperature
- Increased strength
- Improved conductivity
- Fine grain size


Pine Wood Pallets

We represent finnish company who are exporters of pallets en a1, industrial pallets, pine wood logs, birch etc as per international specifications. In addition to above, our products include: sale log houses, forest thinning, forestry, pellets, firewood, wood briquettes


Clad Plates

We wish to inform you that we are indian representative of nanjing shouqin special material co.ltd,nanjing,china who are one of the the largest leading manufacture of series of clad products includingclad plates,clad tube sheets,clad heads,clad pipes,etc.since the mill is having 20 years experience in producing clad products,therefore, the annual capacity is more than 20000tons per year.
The products are reliable and based on their three technologies which are roll boned clading, explosion welding cladding and explosive welding-rolling bonded clading. The main cladding are done in titanium,nickel & nickel alloy, stainless steel,etc.
The major sizes are in:

- 1.stainless steel width upto 3600mm and length upto 16000mm.
- 2.nickel and nickel alloy width upto 2000mm and length upto 12000mm
- 3.titanium clad plates width upto 2800mm and length upto 15000mm.

The quality management is approved with gb/t19001/ iso 9001-2008.

Our principal major customers are Siemens, alsthom, voith, sms siemag, sandvik, vallourec, mesto, sew eurodrive,andritz,etc.etc.


Tube Heat Exchangers

We represent m/s Thermosys co.ltd, Korea who are manufacturing the products for the industrial field. Typical applications are applied to industrial sites such as shipbuilding, chemistry, power plants, paper, constraints and steel. Our principal continue to strive to meet customer satisfaction rather than staying in the present. " thermosys, co.,ltd " will do its best to meet the needs of its customers by offering the highest quality products and services. We will continue to work harder on the development of energy-saving products.

In addition to the above they manufacture typical type of heat exchanger which is fixed between two sheets of tubesheets and many small size of straight or u-bend type tubes as a fomation of bundle , which incorporates a bundle in a single body (shell) of a large diameter tube and baffles are installed inside the body of a heat exchanger to be applied for chemical industrial and air conditioning and heating industris.

This is containers containing a pressure gas and a pressure fluid exceeding atmospheric pressure and there are containers of storage and pressure vessels and reactors,columns etc.

Brand Name : Thermosys
Warranty : 1 Year
Automatic Grade : Automatic, Fully Automatic, Manual, Semi Automatic
Voltage : 110V, 220V, 440V
Temperature : 0-50Deg C, 100-150Deg C, 50-100Deg C
Type : Tube Heat Exchangers
Condition : New
Certification : CE Certified, ISO 9001:2008 Certified
Application : Air, Oil, Water
Weight : 4000-5000kg
Driven : Electric, Fuel


Copper Products Tubes,Pipes,Rods,Bars,Profiles,strips andHollow Copper Conductors etc.

We represent Finnish manufacturer and selling their products i.e. Oxygen Free Copper, Tubes, Pipes, Rods, Bars, Profiles, Strips as well as Hollow Copper Conductors, Hollow Bus Bars, Silver Bearing Copper, Zirconium Copper,etc.
The main customers are BHEL, BEL, BARC etc.
The major sizes are in:

Material : Copper Use : Electrical Product Finishing : Non Polish Certificate : ISO 9001:2008 Type : Copper Bars Shape : Round Color : Golden